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Each child we support has a rainbow within.

Help children learn to walk, talk and succeed

“It all started when we took our first daughter, Brynn, for her twelve month checkup. Our pediatrician went through the general questions like, “Is she talking?”, “Is she eating well?”, “Is she sleeping all night?” We smiled and bragged to him about all the wonderful things our daughter could do. Then the next question was one we knew was coming, but we weren’t quite ready to hear what he was going to say next. The question came, “Is she walking, yet?” My husband and I, being first time parents, said “no.” That’s when our daughter’s pediatrician suggested physical therapy to help further her gross motor skills. Our minds started racing. OUR daughter needed to see a physical therapist because she had delayed gross motor skills? We were taken back and sat quietly as the doctor left the room.”

“A team of Rainbows’ therapists came to evaluate Brynn. We didn’t know what to expect and our nerves were running high. They all walked into our home, introduced themselves, took their shoes off and started to play with Brynn. They explained the process of the evaluation very thoroughly and got to work. They got down on the floor to start interacting with Brynn.”

What sets Rainbows apart is the way in which they help families. Professional, courteous, great communication skills, and knowledgeable are all characteristics of all Rainbows team members we had the pleasure of interacting with.” – Brynn’s parents, Karl and Rachel Ely

Just like Brynn, each child we serve has a rainbow within. With contributions from friends and neighbors like you, the sun shines brighter, revealing the beauty that’s a part of each child. Select the giving level that’s right for you. Shine your light through Rainbows and show children just how beautiful a masterpiece they truly are. With your donation, Rainbows can continue to help more than 3,400 local children like Brynn learn to walk, talk and succeed – revealing each child as an original work of art like no other. Your generosity makes possible the little things that pave the way to major milestones for every family we serve. Help us reach our goal of $1 million by December 31, 2015 and fulfill our mission to bring every child’s potential to life. To read more about Brynn’s progress and to give today:

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