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Activities to aid in your child's development

Holiday Learning Activities

The Holiday season has arrived! From decorating to playing games, there are many activities you can do with your child to aid in their development.

  1. Tinsel Weaving What it is: Have your child “weave” tinsel in and out of a fence, stair rail, or other object What it does: helps with gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  1. Christmas Collage What it is: Print out various holiday shapes and have your child color them, cut them out, and glue them to a piece of red or green paper. What it does: helps develop fine motor skills.
  1. Ornament Toss What it is: make a board and draw a big Christmas tree on it, cut holes at the end of each branch big enough to fit a bean back through. Have the child toss a bean bag or “ornament” to make it in each hole. What it does: promotes gross motor, visual motor, and hand-eye coordination skills.
  1. Cotton Ball Snowman What it is: take a piece of blue (or other colored) paper and have your child glue cotton balls in the shape of a snowman. What it does: the pinching and pulling of the cotton balls helps with fine motor skills.
  1. Coffee Filter Snowflake What it is: Fold the coffee filter in half several times until you have what looks like small triangle. Then have your child cut designs or shapes into the triangle. Unfold when finished to create a snowflake. What it does: teach your child shapes to cut and promote fine motor skills.
  1. Gingerbread House What it is: build a gingerbread house using graham crackers and icing. Then have your child decorate with various candy. What it does: helps with fine motor skills and promotes creativity.