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Leaving a Legacy

Kathy Siebert Story

When Melissa was 6 months-old, she was diagnosed with microcephaly, a congenital anomaly characterized by an abnormally small head and an underdeveloped brain. She screamed and cried when touched or picked up. After moving to Wichita, doctors recommended placing her in an institution until her family learned about Rainbows.

Once connected to Rainbows, Melissa received the loving care and vital therapies she needed. The screaming stopped and was replaced with smiles.

That was 1979. Melissa passed away in 1993, but her mother, Kathy, still has the framed photo of Melissa at her Rainbows’ graduation and the handprint art made by the children in her graduating class.

Upon Melissa’s passing, Kathy opened a Brokerage account with proceeds from a life insurance policy and named Rainbows as the beneficiary to receive funds after her death. The gift is an investment for families with children with special needs who need services today and in the future.  

“I wanted to give back to Rainbows for all the years and support they provided,” said Kathy. “It is amazing to watch the growth of the investment over the 20+ years.”

Melissa’s legacy continues on through this generous gift set up by her mother, Kathy. This is a shining example of how one mother’s caring and commitment to Rainbows’ future children will impact the lives of generations to come. You can learn more about Planned Giving to Rainbows at