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Leaders committed to the mission and values.

Rainbows’ Leadership

Find out what staff members have to say about each coordinator:

Alexia Foster, Infant/Toddler Services “Someone you can count on, who is there to support you and give guidance.  Adept at working with a variety of personalities and families.” – Donna Delaney

Audra Kenneson, Mental Health “Audra is fun and quirky. She’s a great advocate for children and a great boss, she knows her stuff.” – Adena McCowan “Audra inspires us to give our best and shows her appreciation often.  She is a fabulous supervisor!” – Gretchen Francis

Cayla Wasson, Connecting Point “Cayla is always ready to do things, she is full of ideas.” – Lutfe Begum “Cayla has extensive knowledge of community resources and events.  She is always using her know-how to connect families with these services.” – Christy Hutto Holly Howell, Case Records, Educational & Childcare Services “She always checks with staff to make sure everyone is doing great. She ensures everyone is happy in the classrooms.” – Cassie Coyan “She’s dedicated, loyal, positive, and a great influence.” – Selena Phillips

Holly Smith, Accounting “She always sports a smile and a genuine caring attitude.  She has time for everyone and is the voice of reason.” – Sharri Penrod

Jane Eby, Research “Jane is very patient, she will take the time to make sure you understand something.” – Chloe Stevenson

Gordon Johnson, Facilities “He’s Mister Fix-it. He loves the kids and has a twinkle in his eye, we love our Mister Fix-it.” – Holly Howell “Gordon has a great, outgoing personality and really cares about the kids. He keeps our facilities in working order.” – Carol Giblin

Paco Price, Infant/Toddler Services “Paco is a thoughtful, caring boss.  He is always very interested in his staff’s family and loves hearing the silly things our children do!” – Amy Foster “Paco’s open door policy has been unchanging since he started here.  I have worked under him for many years, and I feel that I was always able to go into his office and talk to him at any time.  He has a calming affect on a person that makes you feel that “things” are going to be ok.” – Rhonda Davis

Tina Beems, Management Information System “Tina is knowledgeable, dependable, ready and willing to help!”– Jody Alexander

Lorie Angelo, Targeted Case Management “Lorie is everything you need her to be without any complaints. She is your boss when need be, your friend when need be, and your second mom when you need her to be. She makes coming to work each day seem like a second home, rather than a place you just go to get paid. She is very dedicated to Rainbows and to her employees and it is awesome to have someone who’ll fight for what’s right, no matter the situation.”  – Lia Hampel “Lorie always has our back; she is a great help in working with difficult situations. She fights for the rights of the children we serve and helps them get what they need.” – Melissa Richardson

Susan Harsh, Bright Beginnings

“Susan is laid back and easy-going, and has a fun-loving attitude.” – Melissa Baumgartel “We are lucky to have Susan as our coordinator and our friend! She is always looking for little ways to build us up as a team and as individuals.” – Angela Pulaski

Jason Post, Controller “Jason is a perfect fit for Rainbows. He brings an essential set of skills to the organization and a passion for helping others.” – Adam Varner

Lindsay Coffee “Lindsay is a problem solver, very stern and efficient!” – Karis Sparks “Lindsay cares about the kids and family, providing quick a response when needs arise.” – Lark Walker

Jennifer Francois “She’s very accommodating and understanding. She is always willing to help us out if we need anything.” – Carlyn Jorgenson