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Rainbows Run is Icing on the Cake!

By Susan Harsh, Butler County Infant/Toddler Services

Join me for all the fun at the 2019 Rainbows Run to benefit children and families served by Rainbows’ Butler County Infant/Toddler Services on Saturday, May 4. You can register for the Rainbows Run here.

This family friendly event includes a 5K timed race, a 1-mile family fun walk, kids’ activities, music, food and is home to some of my favorite memories.

It warms my heart when I get to see our talented professional therapists interact with the children they serve in homes across the County. I see the faces of toddlers light up when they recognize their therapist – the person who comes to their home and “plays” with them as they learn new skills and become stronger through speech, occupational and physical therapies.

In my role, I see the child and family on paper, I don’t often go to the home or provide early intervention services on a regular basis. At this event, I not only get to see the child and their family, but I get to see my staff interact and enjoy the families who attend the event. They play together, they walk with the families through the course, they participate in activities and each year, my cup overflows and I am thankful I get to be a part of something so transformational.

Etched in my mind forever is the time that one of our moms stood to tell her Rainbows’ story to the group of participants and their compassionate therapist calmed her child during a meltdown. This mom had been through a lot and had summoned the courage to share her experience. Right then and there, staff went into action, calming this screaming little one during a time of stress for the family and allowed this parent to share about what it meant to have Rainbows’ services helping her child make developmental progress in her home and how she learned to be the parent she wanted to be.

Another highlight is when children we served as infants and toddlers come to the event as preschoolers and school-aged volunteers or participants. To see that the children are doing well and thriving after a rocky start is such an encouragement.

At this event, the community gets to participate in and donate to support services, so that more children and families are able to be served in Butler County. It is an opportunity for families to enjoy activities with their children and learn of great things that are happening for others in their communities. The Rainbows 

Run demonstrates to Rainbows’ families that others in their community support them and their children.

This year’s event will be held on May 4th starting at 9 a.m. at Lincoln Elementary in Augusta. This special day means fun and funding, but it is truly “icing on the cake” for me.