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SPECS eyewear is a loyal supporter and partner.


SPECS Eyewear has been a loyal supporter of children with special needs served through Rainbows and our signature event, Fashion Passion, for many years. For a second year, Fashion Passion guests will have the Opportunity to be SPECStacular. Attendees have the opportunity to win high-end prizes, including a generous donation of 6 pairs of designer SPECS prescription glasses. SPECS is a perfect example of how a relationship can form and build over time. “Their interest and passion for Rainbows and Fashion Passion has grown over time and we could not be more thankful and excited about that,” said Angela Kessler, Vice President of Development. We had the opportunity to ask SPECS co-owner, Jason Bell, about their support and involvement with Fashion Passion over the years.

Here is a look at what Jason said:

Rainbows: Why do you support Rainbows and Fashion Passion (now in its 11th year)?

SPECS: Phyllis Guinn and Pam Frazee got us involved all the way back in 2004. We’d just started our business shortly before that and at the time we really didn’t know anything about Rainbows or even charity events in general. We had a lot of fun at the event and found out about all the great work that Rainbows does in the community.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Fashion Passion is one of the best planned and most enjoyable events of the entire year.

Rainbows:  How has your support and involvement changed/grown over the years?

SPECS: The first few years we brought glasses for the mannequin models to wear and gave away a pair of prescription glasses for the silent auction. Over the years that donation has grown to a package of 6 designer pairs of prescription glasses!

Rainbows: What are the benefits to your business? S

SPECS: We love the exposure that we get at the event and we love to connect with our customers (who have all become friends). We also feel good about shifting our marketing dollars into events like this that help the community and make Wichita a better place.  

Rainbows: What do you tell others about your involvement with Rainbows?

SPECS: We tell other businesses that Rainbows’ Fashion Passion signature event is a worthwhile cause and a really fun event to be a part of every year.

Rainbows: What else do you want our staff, families and donors to know about your support?

SPECS: We love being a part of this event and look forward to it every year. To learn more about Fashion Passion 2015 and ways to get involved, visit