Supply Drive for Camp Woodchuck

February 17 - March 17

Support children and youth with special needs this summer by providing supplies for Camp Woodchuck. Camp Woodchuck is a summer recreational and leisure day program for school-aged youth. You can make their summer extra special by purchasing items from the following lists and dropping them off at the locations listed below. Donations are also welcome at Old Chicago the day of the 48th Annual Blarney Breakfast, Friday, March 17 from 6 – 9:30 a.m. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets! This year, the Blarney Breakfast is back in person with a dine in option. Need to get to work or back home? No worries! Our convenient drive-thru option is still available. 

Food & Beverage

Individual snacks and drinks
Goldfish crackers
Capri Sun
Fruit snacks

Craft & Art Supplies

Popsicle sticks
Construction paper (8.5″x11″)
Canvases (8″x10″)
Washable Markers
Washable Crayons
Watercolor paints
Elmer’s liquid glue
Craft kits
Cotton balls

Sensory Activities

Baking Soda
White vinegar
Premade sensory bins
Plastic shoebox bins with lids
Colored sand
Small toys
Bags of rice
Barbasol shaving cream (unscented)

Outdoor & Indoor Fun

Board games – all ages
Giant lawn games
Outdoor activity items
Soccer balls
Water squirters – pump style
Glow stick necklaces

Other Helpful Items

Non-latex gloves
Ziplock bags (sandwich or gallon)
Baby Wipes (unscented)
Wet Ones
Paper Towels
Disposable bed pads
Waterproof chair pads
Spill proof cups with collapsible straws
Command strips

Gift Cards / Larger Items

Hobby Lobby
Sams Club
Wheelchairs for field trips
Special needs tricycle
Passes or gift certificates for local
   activities (museums, attractions, etc.)