DiGiovanni Family Celebrates

“The path, the journey we’ve been on, it all started at one place -Rainbows.” As a 10-year-old volunteering with her mother at Blarney Breakfast, Gretchen DiGiovanni had no idea the impact Rainbows United would someday have on her family. Gretchen’s parents, Dick and Carol Rohloff, are long-time supporters of Rainbows. Gretchen continued to be a […]

Person-first Language = Dignity and Respect

Person-first Language is a form of speaking and writing that puts the person before their disability or diagnosis. It provides the understanding that they are multifaceted and that their diagnosis or disability is just one aspect of them that contributes to their identity. Person-first language, also referred to as people-first language, is about dignity and […]

Dreams expand as son with Autism grows

When a child is diagnosed with a special need, it affects not only the child, but the entire family. Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management Program (TCM) provides personal assistance to families in finding and securing programs, services and financial aid their child needs. The youngest of four children, 10-year-old Nhygel has Autism. His family began receiving […]

Connecting Families to Resources

Rainbows’ Blarney Breakfast proceeds go directly to Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management (TCM) Program, but what exactly happens with TCM? “Rainbows United Targeted Case Managers enjoy connecting families and their children to resources and advocating for funding for items, supplies, or supportive care,” said Lynlea Southards, Targeted Case Management and Autism Services Coordinator. “For example, when […]

Kerri Dixon honored with Employee Prism Award

Rainbows’ Prism Award was created in 2013 to recognize a Rainbows’ staff member who goes above and beyond their role to create excellence. The criteria for this award are to demonstrate Rainbows’ Guiding Principles, achieve excellence in the role they fulfill for Rainbows; demonstrate leadership; make children and families their highest priority; and represent Rainbows […]

Rainbows has been there with the answers

Eleven-year-old Brady doesn’t want to tell you about his day. He wants to show you his day by setting up the scene, re-enacting the highlights and videoing it. He also loves taking selfies and wants to be a videographer and a photographer when he grows up. When Brady was 8 months old, the family began […]

Spanish Speaking Staff and Interpreter are Invaluable to Families

When 3-year-old Daniela (Dani) was born, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and a heart murmur. Anjelica, Dani’s mother was given information about Rainbows’ services from doctors at St. Joseph Via Christi Hospital. She called Rainbows and soon began receiving Infant/Toddler Services with Physical Therapist Pam Chiles and Spanish Interpreter Scarlett Grassie. Pam and Scarlett […]

Now she’s confident, creative and vibrant

Twelve-year-old Amiya Marcelle Irene Miner (Miya) loves art and her goal in life is to become a graphic artist. Miya is on the Autism Spectrum Disorder scale, as well as having developmental and behavioral disabilities.  “In 2014 when I was looking for a program to help us, the Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization gave me […]


Even though the Blarney Breakfast event has been adapted to a virtual event, the event is important to Rainbows as a major fundraiser. Opportunities to support Rainbows are now focused online and through local media. Items that would be sold at the event, will be available online at RainbowsUnited.org.  Imagine you’re an 11-year-old boy whose […]

Karina Vargas, Targeted Case Manager

“To me, all children no matter their background are equal and deserve the best quality life,” said Karina Vargas, Targeted Case Manager. “Rainbows is the place to make that happen. I love everything about my job.” As a Targeted Case Manager, Karina’s days are never the same. They can differ from scheduling meetings, updating client […]