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Lauryn thrives at Camp Woodchuck

This year’s Blarney Breakfast benefits Rainbows’ Family Support Services programs and Camp Woodchuck. Camp is a summer recreational and leisure day program for school-aged youth with special needs. Camp Woodchuck is filled with hands-on activities, special events, structured activities, and an amazing social experience as Rainbows’ youth interact with their peers and the community. Please […]

Kerri Dixon, family partner and trusted colleague

For more than 20 years, Kerri Dixon has been a social worker for Rainbows’ Specialized Foster Care Program. She is also a Targeted Case Manager for Rainbows’ foster and other families, helping them access other resources. Kerri is a licensed social worker (LBSW) by the State of Kansas. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social […]

Translators Available: Communication is Clear

Leer en Español Having a child with special needs is a new normal for the entire family. Juan and Sonia Martinez know this firsthand. They have two children with special needs: Uriel is 14 and Isabella is 6. Both children got connected to Rainbows’ services at an early age and received in-home Infant/Toddler Services. As […]

Lamont honored with statewide award

Congratulations to this year’s 2023 InterHab Outstanding Youth: Lamont McIntosh. Lamont was honored Friday, October 13 at the InterHab Art and Awards event. His family and Rainbows’ supporters were there to cheer him on. We’re so proud of you! Born at 23 weeks, weighing in at 1 pound 3.5 ounces, Lamont has had an uphill […]

How We Serve You: Targeted Case Management

Leer en español For a parent of a child with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD), we at Rainbows are always here, ready and willing to help you in every way we can! When you first apply for IDD services through your County Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO), you will have the opportunity to choose Rainbows […]

Don’t Stop Dreaming

All parents have dreams for their children. When those dreams are disrupted by a diagnosis like Down Syndrome, it can be easy to stop dreaming—but Rainbows staff and organization is SO GOOD at saying: “Hey, don’t stop dreaming—just open your mind and dream a bit differently!” “Getting the Down Syndrome diagnosis AFTER birth was a […]

DiGiovanni Family Celebrates

“The path, the journey we’ve been on, it all started at one place -Rainbows.” As a 10-year-old volunteering with her mother at Blarney Breakfast, Gretchen DiGiovanni had no idea the impact Rainbows United would someday have on her family. Gretchen’s parents, Dick and Carol Rohloff, are long-time supporters of Rainbows. Gretchen continued to be a […]

Person-first Language = Dignity and Respect

Person-first Language is a form of speaking and writing that puts the person before their disability or diagnosis. It provides the understanding that they are multifaceted and that their diagnosis or disability is just one aspect of them that contributes to their identity. Person-first language, also referred to as people-first language, is about dignity and […]

Dreams expand as son with Autism grows

When a child is diagnosed with a special need, it affects not only the child, but the entire family. Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management Program (TCM) provides personal assistance to families in finding and securing programs, services and financial aid their child needs. The youngest of four children, 10-year-old Nhygel has Autism. His family began receiving […]

Connecting Families to Resources

Rainbows’ Blarney Breakfast proceeds go directly to Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management (TCM) Program, but what exactly happens with TCM? “Rainbows United Targeted Case Managers enjoy connecting families and their children to resources and advocating for funding for items, supplies, or supportive care,” said Lynlea Southards, Targeted Case Management and Autism Services Coordinator. “For example, when […]