Mental Health Services

Audra Kenneson

Audra Kenneson has shown great dedication to community capacity building, teaching teachers how to work with children, and teaching parents how to bring the best out in their children. She has been working at Rainbows for the past six years.

Audra is a licensed master social worker, which qualifies her as a mental health professional that can provide assessments and work individually with children. She obtained her degree from Wichita State University.

Her interest in working in the special needs industry stems from her previous work experiences. “I’ve worked with juvenile offenders and one thing I noticed is that each of the juveniles had poor early childhood experiences. They were not parented well and most were victims of abuse or neglect. I saw this correlation and decided to work on prevention,” Audra said.

Audra has achieved multiple accomplishments at Rainbows. Personally, she values the work she has put into creating and maintaining certain programs. “I think I’ve done well in starting programs in Butler County and worked hard on community capacity building. As I moved to Wichita, I believe that my real strength has been team building and capacity building to make one strong unit.”

Likewise, working at Rainbows United has increased Audra’s understanding of those with special needs as well as highlight her own strengths. “Rainbows gave me strength to advocate for young children and the administration has allowed me to grow, develop, and become the leader that I am today.” Audra cherishes the memories and relationships that she has developed over the years with individuals, groups, and families throughout the agency.

Outside of working at Rainbows, Audra dedicates much of her time to her toy poodles, Gabby and Gidget.