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Volunteers are vital to our success

Thank you Volunteers

We Love Our Volunteers! While many organizations have struggled to engage volunteers during this pandemic, Rainbows’ volunteers stepped up to the challenge and embraced making a difference from their offices, homes and on the grounds of our facilities.

Because of the commitment of our volunteers to continue to help in any way needed, in the past year projects such as painting and staining, enhancing and maintaining a raised-bed garden, clearing a tree line, pruning and trimming trees, and spreading mulch were completed at both Kids’ Point and Kids’ Cove locations. Volunteers from DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers brought their families and spent a Saturday making a difference at Rainbows. “We’re here helping out Rainbows clear out some brush and do some landscaping so they don’t have to hire anyone to do it,” said one volunteer. “They can keep giving the awesome care they kept giving during COVID.” Watch their Volunteer video here.

From their homes, offices and classrooms, talented and creative volunteers sewed bibs, weighted blankets and cot sheets, created sensory mats, shared appreciation gifts with Rainbows’ staff, and delighted children with handmade puppets for story time.

As we move in to a new season, Rainbows continues to follow the CDC’s guidelines to keep our staff, children and families, and our volunteers healthy. Mask-wearing volunteers ensured the success of Blarney Breakfast To Go, serving over 600 breakfasts to guests through a drive-thru celebration. Mask-wearing volunteers cheerfully welcomed guests and their families to Peter Hampel’s Luau, our first in-person event in the past 18 months. And more than 80 mask-wearing volunteers will come together for Rainbows’ signature event in December. Yes, Fashion Passion is Back!

Volunteers are essential to the success of any fundraising event. Events are essential to Rainbows’ ability to continue to provide quality services to over 4,000 local children with special needs and their families.

Rainbows is also welcoming volunteers back into our classrooms! Our children and staff have missed the energy, joy and love of these special volunteers who are instantly dubbed “my new best friend”.  Volunteer Samantha Ritchie plays with the children and helps the teachers in many ways. “I have learned how the kids’ days go and how they are managed,” she said. “I have learned they are joyfully unpredictable. I love when I come in and the kids get excited and call me over. They all ask me to sit with them or play with them.”

If you are fully vaccinated, we would love to have you volunteer in a classroom. If you have not yet received your vaccination, we have many opportunities available outside of the classrooms for you, too.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Melani Kliewer, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 316.871.8959, or visit our website at