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Among the list of Rainbows’ Guiding Principles is “Be positive, celebrate success and recognize achievements.” There is one day every year that is designated as a celebration for staff members who have served at Rainbows for 10 or more years, the 10:15+ Club event. read more OCT 16 5 REASONS TO VOLUNTEER AT #FASHIONPASSION2015 Help make Rainbow's goals possible while having fun and gaining work experience. 1. Helping children and their families with special needs: Rainbows serves more than 3,400 children with special needs in Butler and Sedgwick counties. Fashion Passion is our largest fundraiser of the year with a goal of $350,000. By volunteering at this event you can help make that goal possible! read more OCT 07 FRIENDS OF THE HEART 2015 Enriching the lives of the children and families through volunteerism, friend raising, and fundraising. read more OCT 01 NEWBORN SCREENING AWARENESS MONTH Identifying conditions that can affect a child's long-term health. In May 2006 I had been accepted into graduate school for the Audiology program at Wichita State University. For my first Audiology job, I worked at Wesley as part of the Newborn Screening Program. Get up at 5:30 a.m., go to Wesley, screen newborns, do paperwork, home around 2, play with my kids ages 1, 3, and 5, sleep, and repeat. Two weekends a month. Why? Newborns with hearing loss. read more SEP 22 NATIONAL NEWBORN SCREENING AWARENESS MONTH Newborn screening can save a life. He was born on a Thursday morning in the summer of 1996 - all 7 pounds, 1 ounce, and 18 inches of him. He had a long big toe and a mop of dark hair and bright blue eyes, and he was perfect…for 8 days. It turned out that our beautiful, happy, healthy-looking boy had Phenylketonuria, or PKU for short. His liver was missing something that it needed, and he would have to make many adjustments in his life because of it. There was (and still is) no cure. Literally, in one moment, our son went from ‘normal’ to ‘different’, ‘healthy’ to ‘sick’, ‘perfect’, to ‘not-quite perfect’. read more SEP 15 CATHOLIC CHARITIES FOSTER GRANDPARENT PROGRAM Volunteers helping children learn values and coping skills. September 13 was a nationwide celebration that honored grandparents for their contribution to our lives. Rainbows’ is fortunate to have three extraordinary grandparents through the Catholic Charities Foster Grandparent program. This special program allows retired individuals to engage in meaningful work that benefits all involved, including Rainbows’ kiddos. Having the opportunity to spend time with older individuals allows children to learn values and coping skills. read more SEP 08 WORLD PHYSICAL THERAPY DAY Therapists evaluate and provide valuable one-on-one services. September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day. Rainbows is privileged to employ nine Physical Therapists and one Certified Physical Therapy Assistant. Physical Therapy is among the many early intervention and specialized services offered through Rainbows. Infant/Toddler Services Physical Therapists provide services in homes, childcare centers, onsite at Rainbows, and any other facility that is convenient for the child and family. read more AUG 31 I TALK TO MYSELF! Encouraging yourself using your own mantras. I love a good mantra! I use them all the time to get myself moving in the morning, to adjust my attitude when I need it, or to get through tough moments. I first learned about the power of self-talk in college, when I agreed to sell books door-to-door in Ohio (crazy right?). We started our days with a silly song about it being “…a great day to be a bookman”. read more

10:15+ Club

Among the list of Rainbows’ Guiding Principles is “Be positive, celebrate success and recognize achievements.” There is one day every year that is designated as a celebration for staff members who have served at Rainbows for 10 or more years, the 10:15+ Club event.

On October 15 every year at 10:15 a.m. Club members are transported to secret locations where the day is spent doing fun activities and celebrating milestones. The 10:15+ Club is currently 77 members strong! This year’s first stop of the day was at Moxi Junction in Maize. Moxi Junction is a coffee house, bakery and art gallery that employs and trains adults and teens with special needs. Moxi even employs a few Rainbows’ kids! Everyone was greeted by Moxi’s friendly staff and Rainbows’ Board Members, Gary Proffitt and Hale Ritchie. They were then invited to grab a cup of coffee in a special 10:15+ Club mug. Throughout the morning attendees had the opportunity to play BINGO, yard games (including a life size Jenga), a watercolor art project, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful day. Everyone then ate a delicious lunch on the patio by Nancy’s A-Maize-N Sandwiches.

During lunch Moxi Junction’s owner, Joanna Kilgore, gave an inspiring speech on why she started the beautiful coffeehouse. Club members then loaded buses and headed to the historic Murdock Theatre. When everyone arrived they were able to grab popcorn and a soda before heading into the theatre. Next, awards were presented by Rainbows’ Board Chair, Meredith Olson and Vice Chair, Dr. Josh Umbehr for 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. The day’s activities ended with Rainbows’ parent and Wichita Wingnuts owner Nate Robertson introducing the featured movie ‘Where Hope Grows’.

“I could not imagine where our bus was headed, as we exited the highway and crept into Maize along Park Avenue.  The Elementary school?  The High School?  What a wonderful surprise to arrive at Moxi Junction for my first time there!” said Jane Eby, Research Coordinator. “It was a great day to relax and celebrate with my fellow 10:15 Club Members. It was fun to partake in activities and experience just how loyal employees are to Rainbows; to have such a large group of us is amazing,” said Melissa Richardson, Case Manager

It is evident from the size of the group that our staff is passionate about working at Rainbows. It is an exciting moment when a staff member is inducted into the 10:15+ Club. Thank you to all 10:15+ Club members who have dedicated 10 years or more to Rainbows, we appreciate everything you have done, do, and will do for the children and families we serve! This year’s service milestones included:

10 Years Beth Watkins, Speech/Language Pathologist Ashley Johnson, Speech/Language Pathologist Shirley Sowers, Direct Service Provider Jane Eby, Research Coordinator Nick Munoz, Bus Driver Melissa Richardson, Case Manager Betty Carson, Direct Service Provider

15 Years Yolanda Castillo, Para-educator Brenda Marr, ECSE Teacher Peggy Burns, Speech Language Pathologist Amy Foster, Physical Therapist Adena McCowan, Mental Health Assistant Kerri Dixon, Social Worker Rossana Gonzales, Mental Health Assistant Wes Cantrell, ECSE Teacher Terrelle Burdine, Para-educator

20 Years Paco Price, Infant/Toddler Services Coordinator Tina Beems, MIS Coordinator

25 Years Pam Chiles, Physical Therapist Jennifer Broadfoot, ECSE Teacher Dawna Weed, Occupational Therapist

30 Years Sharri Penrod, Accounting Assistant For more pictures on the 10:15+ Club festivities:

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