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Your children will love these activities.

Activities for Valentine’s Day

It’s finally February, which means it’s time for red, pink, and lots of candy for Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day can also be a great opportunity for some fun learning activities. Check out these themed activities that are perfect for the holiday and your child:

1. Feet hearts and flowers: What it is: Dip your child’s foot in paint and print on paper in a heart shape or add a stem for an adorable flower design. This sensory activity is a great idea for DIY Valentine’s Day cards.

2. Toilet paper roll hearts: What it is: Instead of throwing away the cardboard roll inside a roll of toilet paper, use it to paint hearts. Fold the roll into a heart shape, dip in paint, and stamp it on paper! This is also a cute DIY card idea!

3. Candy Heart Science Experiment: What it is: Fill and label 6 small water bottles (or clear cups) with each of the following; water, air, vinegar, soda, vegetable oil, and rubbing alcohol. Take a package of candy hears and divide by color. Add the groups of candy hearts to the bottles. Leave overnight, observe what the hearts do the next day!

4. Foaming heart: What it is: This one can get a little messy, first make a dough by mixing two cups of backing soda and two table spoons of salt, then add a tablespoon of salt and mix thoroughly. Lastly, add 8 tablespoons of water (for a more festive look you can add food coloring and glitter). Take a plastic tub and use a large heart shaped cookie cutter to form the dough in the center of the tub. Pour vinegar over the heart and watch the reaction! Your child can then enjoy sensory play in the foam!

In true Valentine’s Day spirit your child will LOVE these activities.