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2017 Pre-K Graduation


-written by Michelle Croomes, Kids’ Point Site Coordinator

The theme for this years’ Pre-K Graduation Ceremony was “Aloha”, and is in so many ways fitting.  When we first said “Aloha” to these children it was a hello at the beginning of the school year, and many children in this class were completely new to Rainbows.  They all came to school with excitement, nervousness, curiosity, and behaviors that were uniquely their own.  Over the school year they’ve worked hard with their teachers, with Ms. Megan from Rainbows’ Mental Health Services, and with each other to learn and grow and readjust their own ways of thinking to allow them to be ready for Kindergarten. 

We also said “Aloha” to Ms. Aubrey, a new teacher in the Pre-K room.  She has added her humor to Ms. Annabel’s creativity, and Ms. Jaime’s gentleness to round out a great team of teachers.  As Kids’ Point Coordinator, watching the bonds that develop between teachers and students is a true pleasure to experience.

The graduation ceremony itself is always a joy to attend.  There was dancing, singing, and comic relief from our proud little graduates.  There was applause and laughter from all the adults, and if I’m not mistaken even a few little tears.   What a fantastic show of family support and an amazing celebration!

And so with the school year coming to an end, we will be saying “Aloha” again, although this time it means goodbye.  There will be ups and downs in their futures, but I have no doubt that there will also be many successes.  The very best part about saying good bye to these children is the wonderful opportunity they now have to say “Aloha” to Kindergarten.

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