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Kids’ 5 Most Requested Meals, 5 No Thank You Meals

For Chef Ryan Lewis, food is his love language. It’s how he shows people he cares or is thinking about them. “This is what makes my job at Rainbows not really a job,” he said. “It’s something I just love to do. The kids here are like a bunch of little best buddies to me […]

We “Heart” Learning

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! For most families, this means purchasing candy and cards, and decorating boxes for said cards to be slipped into at the child’s school party. For many children, they have their eyes on the main event of the holiday: CHOCOLATE! These things are exciting and fun for young children, […]

How has the community influenced my life?

It’s a Wednesday afternoon after a big exam and I walk into Rainbows’ Classroom 7, where a dozen heads turn to watch excitedly as I enter through the crayon covered door. I plaster a smile on my face, despite the physical and mental exhaustion of it being the third consecutive week of exams as a […]

Children Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labor

Rainbows’ Children’s Garden began a little late this year but became quite successful. The tomatoes had a slow start but have produced bright red juicy fruit. There will be enough tomatoes for each class to enjoy for snacks. As the garden grew slowly, a few peppers were ready to pick, but not enough for everyone […]

Why I choose Rainbows: My story by Alexis Young

I started working at Rainbows in April of 2018 while pursuing an Early Childhood Unified degree at Wichita State University. I started as a para educator in the one-year-old classroom and INSTANTLY knew this was the place for me. Learning from both my WSU professors and Rainbows’ little ones, I gained experience for my current […]

Early childhood mental health services improve communication for the whole family

“It was easy to choose Rainbows for childcare since we were familiar with the organization,” said Shannon Pope, mother of two preschoolers. Shannon herself had volunteered at Rainbows, her aunt has worked in the office for many years plus her kids get to see their cousins who also attend every day. “We wanted them to […]

Smart child wants to be a doctor or a friend

Khoi and his twin sister Khamoi graduated from Rainbows’ Pre-Kindergarten program in May. “Khoi is an amazing child that will make a difference one day with his smile and laugh alone,” said Rickeyia, the twins’ mother. “He loves interacting with people and forming a genuine connection and has an infectious spirit. Khoi always tells me […]

Growing Up At Camp Woodchuck

When her newborn son Carlos was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Ana cried for 4 months. Her husband, Othon had been in an accident and was unable to work and she was completely overwhelmed. “I cried every day,” she said. “I kept asking, Why Me? Then I said to myself, Carlos is here, and I have […]

Festive and Bittersweet

Who doesn’t love a taco?! The graduating class of 2023 at Rainbows United helped us to celebrate all things taco and festive (including sombreros, taco pinatas and churro bars) with “Taco ‘bout a Future” as this year’s theme. We had hoped to have the ceremony outside as in years past, but the Kansas weather did […]

Tribe Helps Shape Littles

Five-year-old Baylor has graduated from Rainbows’ Pre-Kindergarten Program! Baylor started with Rainbows in the infant room and has grown up with Rainbows. “It’s extremely difficult dropping off your precious little one with “strangers” for the day,” said Stacy, Baylor’s mother. “I struggled. But so quickly, those “strangers” become your support system, your tribe in shaping […]