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Nurturing and Teaching Rainbows' children

As working parents, we trust Rainbows’ care

Isaac Paul Louis Anaya III “Louie” is named after his grandpa and daddy. Their birthdays are even consecutive (Grandpa-December 4, Daddy-December 5 and Louie-December 6). “You will never meet another 5-year-old with faster comebacks or funnier one-liners; he is our little comedian,” said Amanda, Louie’s mother.

The family’s first experience with Rainbows was a premie evaluation when Louie was just a few months old. Louie was born at 34.5 weeks and spent 15 days in the NICU, but everything came out normal. He started attending Rainbows for childcare shortly after he turned 2 years old.

“When Louie first transitioned from an in-home setting to Rainbows we noticed an almost immediate improvement in his language,” said Amanda. “He talked more and had a broader vocabulary. He really enjoyed the activities and the structure was definitely good for him.”

“Over the last 3 years Louie has grown into quite the little man,” said Amanda. “He is funny, loving, and a very smart boy. Though as parents we would like to take all of the credit, we know that he is the boy he is today in part because of the nurturing and teaching he has received from his Rainbows’ teachers and staff.”

“I love to see the bond he has with the Rainbows’ staff and students,” said Amanda. “It’s very apparent that they CARE. They feel like extended family to my child and that is reassuring to us as working parents. Louie had a very close bond with Miss Mary, the classroom assistant who recently passed. It was so sweet to see their interactions every day. He looked forward to seeing her and Louie was excited when we would see her outside of school in her Sunday best! He thought her curled wig was beautiful. And every day when he would leave school or she would leave, he would say something like, ‘don’t forget to remember to eat your dinner and watch tv and rest. And it’s okay if you fall asleep in your recliner’.”

Louie has an older sister named Ilah and a 2-year-old toy poodle named Sampson. The family enjoys warm weather activities like camping at the lake, fishing, bike riding and just playing with friends outside. Special family days include hours of fun at Dave & Busters or making a huge pallet of blankets on the living room floor for Movie Nights.