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Reflections on Camp 2016

Camp Woodchuck

By Lindsay Coffee, Family Support Services Coordinator

Oh Camp Woodchuck. How you bring so many new and exciting things each and every summer. This year was no exception!

Nearing the end of my second camp, I’ve learned so much. It’s funny how you enter into a new summer season thinking of all the ways you can impact a child’s life, but truthfully they impact mine more than I ever could theirs.

We have had a busy, busy “Superhero” summer. We started off with a loud bang as one of our precious kids pulled the fire alarm on the very first day of Camp. If anyone was still asleep, they sure weren’t after that! But really what set our first day apart was when I went to reset the alarm and set it off again. Oops! Everyone had a good laugh, and we got lots of extra practice with our fire drills that day.

Our Voices of the Rainbow choir has had a wonderful time performing for different community partners. Our kids have enjoyed numerous field trips which include the Zoo, Botanica, Moxie Junction, Morning Star Movies, Club Rodeo and many more fun stops.

Our special events have been top notch this year and I am so proud of our staff and children. They exhibited their very best talent in our Talent Show and made some very unique and creative pieces for the Art Show. Our Fashion Show was spectacular and I am always impressed what each child picks to wear and show off. Out of the three special events, The Talent Show brought its own special touch with a marriage proposal by one of our Campers to our sweet Emcee. (I’m pretty sure she said yes!)  I even received a marriage proposal this year, which included a ring made of a pipe cleaner. I, of course, couldn’t say no.

Our Behavior Specialist has provided twice weekly social skills groups. We have so enjoyed having her at Camp and the activities she’s been able to provide.

As we wrap up this summer, we are already planning and thinking about next year and all the great fun we will have!

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