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Super Hero Summer

Camp Woodchuck

From President Deb Voth

Rainbows’ Camp Woodchuck started June 1, 2016 and runs through July 29. Camp Woodchuck is a summer recreational and leisure day program for children and youth ages 5 to 21 years who have some fairly significant disabilities or restricted mobility. This summer we have more than 100 participants. Children and young adults receive individual attention, assistance, and supervision as needed.  Many of the children are staffed one to one because of their individual needs and Rainbows has a nurse onsite to handle the multitude of medications needed by most of the attendees. Making sure each child receives the right medication at the right time of the day is an amazing skill in itself.

Camp provides an age-appropriate environment that is loud, fun, busy, crazy, and safe for these children who need constant supervision. They go on community outings such as to the Sedgwick County Zoo and Park, Botanica, Exploration Place, restaurants, etc. As a way to give back to the Community and thank some of our many sponsors, the Camp Choir sings at Star Lumber, The Wichita Eagle, LS Industries, Davis Moore,  Andover State Bank, Intrust Bank in El Dorado and Downtown Wichita, Cox Communications, and Mid-America Orthopedics. We love sharing the joy of these Campers with others who recognize the beauty and uniqueness of each individual.

The theme for 2016 Camp Woodchuck is Super Hero Summer. In addition to our Campers, we are fortunate to be surrounded by many super heroes who support Rainbows. Remember that, you are a super hero by making Camp Woodchuck and other Rainbows’ services possible through your generosity. So pick your super hero name. I have always wanted to be Wonder Woman!