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Sherwin Williams - Andover Plant Helps at Kids' Cove

Corporate Volunteering

Thirteen employees from the Sherwin-Williams Andover Plant recently paid a visit to Rainbows’ Kids’ Cove. On June 10, this group volunteered for 4 hours doing various outdoor projects, helping to meet many needs for this location. From hauling and spreading an immense amount of mulch to fence repairs to freshening paint on the playground, this volunteer group kept busy and put in a lot of hard work.

Camp Woodchuck was in full swing during their visit, giving this group unique exposure to Rainbows’ services. “Sherwin Williams enjoys being able to make a difference in the community through projects such as these. Just seeing the kids enjoy the space is really rewarding,” said Kyelene Flaming, Human Resource Manager.

Rainbows is grateful to have such a devoted community partner in Sherwin Williams. Kids’ Cove has never looked better. Though Rainbows has many volunteers who contribute in a variety of ways, our engagement with corporate volunteerism, like this particular Sherwin-Williams visit, is on the rise. Connecting with corporate volunteers is a mutually beneficial experience that Rainbows is fortunate to be involved in.

This unique link brings nonprofits and companies together, resulting in strong partnerships between the two. For Rainbows, a key benefit in these relationships is the additional awareness it brings to our mission. Our mission is our main focus. Having the opportunity to share knowledge about Rainbows’ services through corporate volunteerism is a great avenue to create advocates for Rainbows’ children in our community.

Corporate volunteerism can also help attract and retain engaged and productive employees for those companies that get involved. It is believed that business environments are more enjoyable when companies engage in serving with community organizations. Employees typically become more philanthropically aware when they work for these businesses.

Rainbows feels extremely privileged to have such wonderful community partners! We look forward to hosting many more corporate volunteers and continuing to build strong, valuable relationships.