6 Things To Know About Early Intervention Services

When the Rainbows’ evaluation teams share results with families, some families may be happy that there is someone who can validate their concerns, while others might be discouraged because the hope for a “typical” child took a different course than they planned. Since I am an Early Interventionist that might be working with your family, […]

Breaking Records as the Sun Rises

The start to a new year at Rainbows United, Inc. brings engagement, experience, and excitement within fundraising. The safety and health of our community is always on our mind at Rainbows. After two years of a Drive-Thru option only at our Annual Blarney Breakfast, we were back in person on St. Patrick’s Day as Dine […]

Benefits/Downfalls of Positive Reinforcement

“Every conflict presents you with a choice. You can choose to view conflict as an opportunity to teach or as an opportunity to blame and punish.” ― Becky A. Bailey, Conscious Discipline® We’ve all heard of positive reinforcement, but what exactly is it and how does it work in an early childhood learning environment? Positive […]

Sass and Sparkle at Camp

When Lilly was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, her doctor suggested her parents, Beatriz and Armando contact Rainbows. The family began receiving in-home services through Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services program. “Rainbows changed my life,” said Beatriz. “I learned a way to parent my child and it changed everything.” “Rainbows gave me hope,” said Beatriz. “They […]

Wanted: Special People Like Erica

This year proceeds from the Blarney Breakfast benefit Rainbows’ Family Support Services programs and Camp Woodchuck . It takes a special individual to care for and inspire youth with special needs. Rainbows is set to hire 25-30 temporary full-time staff  members to walk alongside Campers this summer. They will work hard and play hard. They […]

Help Make Summer Camp Awesome

This June, Camp Woodchuck is returning to Kids’ Cove! After three years of providing an amazing In-home Summer Experience, we are ready to bring the excitement of Camp Woodchuck back to Kids’ Cove. What is Camp Woodchuck? Camp Woodchuck is Rainbows’ Summer Camp for youth with special needs who might not otherwise get to have […]

5 Ways To Encourage and Support Creative Play

Encouraging creativity can be vital to a child’s growth and development, helping to develop their fine motor skills and control. Helping children learn their abilities to engage in play and art can aid in their growth emotionally, socially, and physically. Brain growth and development are key parts that go on during these stages of their […]

Teaching Love, Kindness, Inclusion and Empathy

What does Valentine’s Day mean to Rainbows United preschoolers? For those of us in Classroom 6, it’s about teaching love and compassion, as well as making our lessons fun and engaging. We want the kids to be excited to learn about Math, Literacy, Science, Art, and how to be good humans. We want them to […]

Little Victories Are A Big Deal

Rainbows United offers the most progressive, advanced therapies through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for children ages 2-6 years old with an Autism diagnosis. ABA is a science that uses data and evidence-based practices to identify environmental variables affecting client behavior. Rainbows services are tailored to the needs of each individual child and family. We create […]

We Don’t Worry About Cost, Transportation or Scheduling

When 18-month-old Theo was not meeting his developmental milestones, his doctor at El Dorado Clinic referred the family to Rainbows. “Theo started walking about 3 months after he began working with Angela Pulaski, Early Interventionist Primary Coach and Physical Therapist,” said Sarah, Theo’s mother. “His vocabulary gradually increased from one to a couple of words […]