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Connecting Families to Vital Resources

“Despite his disabilities, he is living it up. He is full of energy and has a lot of common sense, is very strong and loves to learn, run, play, and be silly,” said his dad, Jeremy about 11-year-old Dusty. “We are extremely proud of how far he’s come.” Born early at 2 pounds 4 ounces, […]

Teachers and therapists help Teddy blossom

Four-year-old Teddy’s interests are diverse, and currently include being a ninja or a snake hunter, and he is ready to take these interests and all that he’s learned at Rainbows to kindergarten. “While we’re happy to see Teddy progress, it’s sad to know he is graduating from Rainbows,” said Kaci and Nelson, Teddy’ s parents. […]

Creating a Nurturing Environment for Remarkable Milestones

Welcome, parents, caregivers, and fellow enthusiasts of tiny triumphs! The first years of a child’s life are a magical journey filled with adorable firsts and remarkable milestones. In this blog post, we’ll embark on an exploration of how we can create a nurturing environment that encourages the blossoming of developmental milestones in infants and toddlers. […]

Gift of love for send off

3…2…1…Blast Off To The Future! What an exciting theme for this year’s Pre-Kindergarten graduation ceremony.  I can’t believe we got to watch robots dancing along with children – a little glimpse of the future for sure!  The 2023-2024 school year has undoubtedly been the year of the boys.  Thirteen out of the 18 graduating were […]

Kids’ 5 Most Requested Meals, 5 No Thank You Meals

For Chef Ryan Lewis, food is his love language. It’s how he shows people he cares or is thinking about them. “This is what makes my job at Rainbows not really a job,” he said. “It’s something I just love to do. The kids here are like a bunch of little best buddies to me […]

The Magic of Singing with Children

Some of my fondest memories as a kid are of singing silly songs with my dad. He would always change the words to popular songs to fit whatever activity we were doing at the moment. And together we would sometimes make up our own little jingles. There was the red light, green light song, the […]

You saw WHAT in my child’s ear???

Ellen Quinn, Rainbows’ Pediatric Audiologist shares the three abnormalities she sees most often in children’s ears. As a pediatric audiologist, the three abnormalities I see most often in children’s ears are fluid behind the eardrum, wax occlusion and foreign objects. At some point in your child’s life, you will probably deal with at least one […]

Eating Can Be Complicated

Supporting parents helping their littles learn to eat has been one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my job as an early intervention provider. Eating can be emotionally loaded for caregivers-we can all feel a special kind of frustration (and failure) when our littles don’t eat the way or the amount we think […]

We Love Our Volunteers

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month and Rainbows would like to thank all the volunteers who share their time, talent and treasure to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.  Please enjoy the video above as we take a moment to look back and recognize many of this year’s volunteers. As […]

Let’s Talk About Cars

When William Thomas received speech therapy from his Rainbows’ therapist Rebecca Paden, his big sister Lillian was included. “Rebecca was always so kind to Lillian during William’s visits,” said Margaret, William and Lillian’s mother. “She could not have been easier for my children to connect with.” The family’s pediatrician recommended the family get in touch […]