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Children’s Garden Produces Education and Excitement

Children Enjoy the Fruits of Their Labor

Rainbows’ Children’s Garden began a little late this year but became quite successful. The tomatoes had a slow start but have produced bright red juicy fruit. There will be enough tomatoes for each class to enjoy for snacks.

As the garden grew slowly, a few peppers were ready to pick, but not enough for everyone to taste. So, we played a game, and the winner was able to take home a pepper. The children have been able to taste test the cucumbers, and Chef Ryan will use the different herbs for the daily lunches.

Last fall, we had an Eagle Scout prospect build some garden boxes with Plexiglas sides to complete his Eagle Scout project, so we planted potatoes for the first time. I went to each class to show them the potatoes that I had purchased and how to prepare them to plant. We cut the potatoes into pieces making sure an eye was present. We then let the potato pieces sit for a few days before planting. We then planted them in our new planter box. The children have been so excited watching them grow. We haven’t harvested them yet, but very soon. One of the children was so excited thinking that we were growing mashed potatoes! It brought a smile to my face, and I explained that Yes! we can make mashed potatoes from the potatoes we are growing.

I enjoy playing in the dirt! It makes my heart happy getting to share a passion of mine with all the children. I love being able to educate the children where food comes from. Some of the children are more enthusiastic than others (they really don’t care for pulling weeds), but it is all a learning process; not only for the children, but also me. One of the pre-k graduates came over to me and told me, “When I grow up, I hope I can be a gardener like you.” That is the best feeling in the world that I was able to make a difference in a child’s life!

Written by Stefanie Loubert, Lead Teacher