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2019 Prism Award Honoree

Christy Hutto

As the year comes to a close, we want to take a moment to recognize this year’s Prism Award honoree: Christy Hutto, Program Assistant for Connecting Point. “With so many long-term passionate staff members, it’s fitting to honor someone who has interacted with so many Rainbows’ families at a time when they are seeking help,” said Deb Voth, President. “Christy is on the front lines giving families hope, hearing their concerns, and getting them connected.”

The Prism Award was created to recognize an outstanding Rainbows employee who embodies our guiding principles, is a role model for other staff, and goes above and beyond job duties to fulfill Rainbows’ mission.

A Prism reflects light and turns it into a Rainbow. The Prism Award is given in appreciation of a staff member who reflects quality and value in the work they do with children, families, and the community on behalf of Rainbows United.

Program Coordinators have the honor of selecting the Prism Award winner. Nominations for this award are made independently by Program Coordinators and shared at a special meeting. The group celebrates the nominees and then narrows down the list of candidates until a winner is chosen. The process involves hearing wonderful things about how staff members take initiative, solve problems, advance Rainbows’ mission, and serve children and families.

This year’s honoree actively contributes to a positive working environment and culture of treating others with dignity, respect and compassion. Among Rainbows’ staff she stands out as someone who knows about eligibility and enrollment in each of Rainbows’ direct services. She is a go-to person for information about community services and resources. When working with families, she asks questions and takes the time to listen to their needs so she can direct them to the best resource or service. She has earned the respect of her coworkers and community partners by genuinely caring about people.  Throughout her 21 years of service to Rainbows, she has demonstrated the guiding principle of achieving success through teamwork, partnerships and collaboration.

Christy says she was shocked and surprised that she was chosen as the year’s honoree. “I know the wonderful people who I work with and to be recognized among them is a real honor,” said Christy. “I love what I do. Making a difference for children and families alongside other passionate and talented people is the best.”

As the Program Assistant for Connecting Point, Christy is often parents’ first contact with services for children with special needs. Christy, her dedication to Connecting Point and Rainbows has helped to raise the level of awareness of Rainbows’ services and the importance of early intervention throughout Sedgwick County. She expertly handles the task of getting parents where they need to be, whether it is Screen for Success, Infant/Toddler Services, their school district, mental health or other community-based services.

Her co-workers admire her ability to keep her composure regardless of the situation. By actively listening and effectively communicating she is a calming, reassuring influence.  She has taken the initiative to develop processes to make things easier for staff and families. Christy has a great sense of humor and people enjoy working with her.

The 2019 Prism Award was presented to Christy at Rainbows’ Annual Meeting December 10. Congratulations!