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Learning through planting seeds

Early Childhood Fun

Classrooms at Rainbows’ Kids’ Point have been discussing the new season of spring. In spring, new things hatch, bloom and grow.  When some of the children were asked if they knew how grass grew, they all responded that it grew in the ground with dirt.  They were then shown sponges and asked if grass could grow on this instead. They all agreed that grass could not grow on it.  Each child got a wet sponge and got to sprinkle grass seeds on top.  The sponges were then sat by the window and soon started growing grass!  The looks on the children’s faces were priceless when they discovered that dirt wasn’t required to grow plants.

This project is educational in multiple ways. The children get to set their own hypothesis about whether the grass will grow.  They learn how plants need water and sunshine to grow.  Another learning activity is to have the children record measurements on a weekly basis to learn about measurements and how fast grass grows.

Check out these fun “experiments” you can do with your kiddos at home:



  • 1 wet kitchen sponge
  • 1 bowl to place the sponge in
  • 1 pinch of grass seed
  • Water daily, sit in sunshine

Sponge Plants - blog photo

Another variation on this activity is to plant the seeds in dirt, see below.


  • 1 clear plastic cup
  • 1 cup of potting soil
  • 1 pinch of grass seed
  • Water daily, sit in sunshine
  • Decorations to give your plant a “face” if wanted

Plant activity 2 photo - blog