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Event Specialist Brings Experience and Passion for Rainbows

Events Require Big Picture Vision and Attention to Details

Event Specialist Sherri Penka brings over 20 years of experience in the field of event planning and marketing as well as personal family experience with Rainbows’ services.  Her career began in radio advertising and on air promotions in Junction City, Kansas while attending Kansas State University. Her radio experience included a weekend show she hosted on 100.5 The Wolf.

Sherri’s daughter Bella received Rainbows’ services when she was 2 years old. “Bella was having developmental delays with gross motor skills,” said Sherri. “We were referred to Rainbows by our Derby Parents As Teachers program.  Amy Foster, physical therapist, came to our home and worked magic with Bella.  Bella grew up to overcome her delays and is now a cheerleader, both in high school and competitively. We are big fans of Rainbows!”

As Event Specialist for Rainbows’ Development Department, Sherri’s every day is a little bit different.  Sherri is in and out of the office while planning Rainbows’ two big events, Blarney Breakfast and Fashion Passion.  Each require meetings outside of the office and coordinating committees of volunteers.  “No two days are ever alike, and I love that,” said Sherri.  “But most of all, I love my team.  I am blessed to work with so many great people.  I also enjoy that my office gives me a front row seat to the wonderful things going on with the children at Kids’ Point.”

“Sherri is such an important part of the development team,” said Lisa Capps, Vice President of Development. “When managing an event, she sees the big picture and executes it beautifully but also has a talent for capitalizing on small details to enhance the experience. What more could you ask for from an event planner? I’m grateful to work with her and proud of her success!”

One of Sherri’s passions is photography.  She worked as a professional photographer in the past and continues to do portraits for family and friends.  She also enjoys playing golf and traveling with her family. “I have four wonderful children who are the center of my world,” said Sherri.  “My son, Noah modeled for Fashion Passion in 2021.  Josh is my second oldest and studies Cybersecurity at Wichita State University.  Aimee is a freshman at University of Kansas and my daughter, Bella is in her junior year at Derby High.  We love spending time together at concerts and supporting our teams, the Jayhawks, Shockers and Panthers.  You will likely see them in the future at a Rainbows event as they all like to volunteer!”

No matter how busy the event season, Sherri always begins with coffee in bed and snuggles from her two golden doodles.