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Creating a Nurturing Environment for Remarkable Milestones

Welcome, parents, caregivers, and fellow enthusiasts of tiny triumphs! The first years of a child’s life are a magical journey filled with adorable firsts and remarkable milestones. In this blog post, we’ll embark on an exploration of how we can create a nurturing environment that encourages the blossoming of developmental milestones in infants and toddlers. […]

Kids’ 5 Most Requested Meals, 5 No Thank You Meals

For Chef Ryan Lewis, food is his love language. It’s how he shows people he cares or is thinking about them. “This is what makes my job at Rainbows not really a job,” he said. “It’s something I just love to do. The kids here are like a bunch of little best buddies to me […]

Events Require Big Picture Vision and Attention to Details

Event Specialist Sherri Penka brings over 20 years of experience in the field of event planning and marketing as well as personal family experience with Rainbows’ services.  Her career began in radio advertising and on air promotions in Junction City, Kansas while attending Kansas State University. Her radio experience included a weekend show she hosted […]

Kerri Dixon, family partner and trusted colleague

For more than 20 years, Kerri Dixon has been a social worker for Rainbows’ Specialized Foster Care Program. She is also a Targeted Case Manager for Rainbows’ foster and other families, helping them access other resources. Kerri is a licensed social worker (LBSW) by the State of Kansas. She has a bachelor’s degree in Social […]

How to Care for Little Feet

I love baby feet, they are so cute and chubby. Sadly, as adults our feet usually aren’t quite as cute, but that is a story for another day. Today, let’s learn about young feet and how to best care for them. Baby feet are much different than adult feet and deserve some consideration as they […]

Q&A with Kayla Cary, Infant/Toddler Services

Infant/Toddler Services Overview Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services (ITS) are available for children birth to 3 years old at no cost to families.  Kayla Cary, Sedgwick County ITS Coordinator answers questions about the program and how to connect for services. How many children are served in Sedgwick County ITS? We are currently serving1046 children birth to 3 […]

Early Intervention at No Cost to Families

As the new year begins, it’s a good time to consider scheduling a developmental screening for your young child.  If you have any concerns about your infant or toddler meeting developmental milestones, making an appointment with Screen for Success is as easy as calling 316.267.3535. Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services (ITS) programs in Sedgwick, Sumner and Butler […]

From Receiving to Giving Services

An educator for Goddard School District for more than 18 years, Amie Ozbun came to Rainbows with experience working with children with special needs. She and her family also received services when their daughters were first born. “Rainbows has a special place in my heart,” said Amie. “The therapist who came to our home when […]

Alice Boutz Honored With Prism Award

The Prism Award was established in 2013 to recognize an outstanding staff member who demonstrates excellence in many of Rainbows’ Guiding Principles; is an example in the role they fulfill for Rainbows; demonstrates leadership; makes children and families their highest priority; and represents Rainbows in a way that reflects positively on the entire organization. The […]

10:15+ Club Celebrates Achievements

Rainbows’ 10:15+ Club honors and recognizes staff members who have been with Rainbows for 10 or more years. In 2023, the 10:15+ Club had a total of 46 members! Every year we are amazed, proud, and grateful for the many staff who celebrate 10 or more years with our organization, providing services for our children […]