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Building teamwork through summer selfie contest.

Facebook Summer Selfie Contest

“Selfie,” according to, is “a photograph that one takes of oneself with a digital camera or a front-facing smartphone, tablet, or webcam, especially for posting on a social-networking or photo-sharing website.”

The popularity of this internet-spawned phenomenon has given Rainbows staffers a chance to share their enthusiasm for their work with the online world. Rainbows Facebook Summer Selfie Contest was held June 1-7, 2015. Entrants had a chance to win their very own Selfie Stick and a $20 gift certificate for Rainbows wear. The competition was the first of its kind, and organizers promise more fun events as the summer unfolds. Participants were encouraged to take photos of themselves (or a group), during their workday at Rainbows. After uploading the photos on the Rainbows Facebook fan page, competitors then completed the hashtags, “I’m a fan of Rainbows because,” and “The best part of my job at Rainbows is,” with their own clever words. This photogenic contest is for employees, but board members and others are encouraged to share snapshots, as well. Only employees will be eligible to win the prize. The Rainbows’ Finance department decided to get in on the fun.

We came up with an idea first. Summertime made Holly Smith and I think of sun, sand and beaches. Teamwork was the theme we wanted to share. In fact, we refer to ourselves as the “Finance Team.” I found it remarkable, when I began working for Rainbows in 2014, that there is such an esprit de corps here. This sense of unity is especially evident in how the Finance department works together on large projects, everyone pitching in to accomplish the task. Even when one individual has a deadline, others will provide help and support. A team mentality seems prevalent throughout the Rainbows organization. Rainbows’ Selfie contest is a great way to kick off the summer season, and celebrate everything that makes Rainbows a great place to work, learn, and imagine. Various Rainbows’ staff submitted their selfies throughout the week resulting in 44 entries that were entered into a drawing. Stefanie Loubert was the lucky winner of the contest! Stefanie is the Lead Teacher of the Infant Room at Kids’ Point! This post was written by Carol Martin, Finance Department.