Zoe and Romeo

Family in Crisis Connected to Resources

As a single mother with two children with special needs, Monica is grateful for the services provided by Rainbows.  “Every day is a challenge,” she said. “From getting everyone ready for school in the morning to getting the kids to all the doctors’ appointments and making sure all the paperwork is filled out, it’s just a lot.  Sometimes it’s just hard. Having Rainbows and our Case Manager Sandra Salas there to help is a blessing.  Sandra is an angel for us.”

Sandra enjoys working with the family. “Ms. Monica is a very loving and devoted mother,” said Sandra. “She is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure her kids have all the tools to succeed.”

When the family was devastated by a fire right before Thanksgiving 2021, Sandra worked with other members of the Targeted Case Management (TCM) team and quickly provided resources and secured funding to help the family get back on their feet.  “We lost everything in the fire,” said Monica. “Within a week, Rainbows got us pull ups and wipes for Zoe, and connected us to financial help.”

Five-year-old Zoe is a happy, quiet child who loves horses and puppies. Her older brother, nine-year-old Romeo, is a kind, caring child who takes care of his sister, loves sorting crayons and coloring. Both children have been diagnosed with Genetic Disorder (AUTS2), a genetic disorder that shows symptoms similar to Autism. Zoe and Romeo have received services through Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services and continue to receive services through the Targeted Case Management Program.

Zoe has difficulty focusing and speaking, due in part to hearing and vision issues. With help from Rainbows’ Audiologist and Katie Bally, Speech Language Pathologist, Zoe’s speech improved and the family now understands her hearing challenges. Zoe also has mobility difficulties which required the need for SMO foot braces when she was younger. These braces provided support to the heel and arch of Zoe’s feet to improve her mobility and balance. Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Physical Therapist was able to help strengthen Zoe’s muscles and recommend the braces. Through Targeted Case Management, Rainbows helped provide the special shoes and socks needed for Zoe to use the braces.  “Zoe couldn’t walk straight,” said Monica. “Through therapy and the braces, she is walking a lot better now and doesn’t have to wear the braces all the time.” Zoe currently receives physical therapy for tip toe walk, in toe gait and flat feet therapy.  Through proceeds raised at the Blarney Breakfast, Zoe will be receiving a new bicycle to help with her physical therapy.

Romeo has developmental delays, language disorder and an ADHD diagnosis. He also has hearing and vision issues. TCM helped acquire a new pair of glasses after he broke his second pair.  Targeted Case Managers have secured funding for Romeo to attend Camp Woodchuck in the summer. He will receive sensory toys and a new bicycle through proceeds raised at the Blarney Breakfast.

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