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Camp Woodchuck is a Blessing to our Lives

Fashion, Talent and Arts Shows, and Field Trips, Too

Camp Woodchuck’s 50th Birthday-themed summer camp wrapped up a successful summer serving 36 youth, ages 6-21 years old, in an In-Home camp experience.

This summer, Rainbows’ Direct Support Professionals provided children each week with a variety of hands-on structured activities and took them out into the community for field trips and special activities.

The youth had the opportunity to model their own individual uniqueness on the red carpet with a fashion show, perform their special talent in the talent show, and express their creativity through making a canvas for the art show.

“Our staff are amazing,” said Tiffany Graf, Family Support Services Coordinator and Camp Director. “Having Crystal as our Assistant Camp Director this year meant that we were able to coordinate more activities and field trips. The staff and kids loved it!”

The youth enjoyed field trips that were not only fun, but also allowed them to work on their social skills in different types of settings and atmospheres. A few favorite field trips this summer were Exploration Place, McConnell Air Force Base, WSU Tech Robotics, and the movies. These were great experiences for the kids to see something new and interact with community partners.

A special thank you goes to our families for allowing Rainbows the opportunity to serve your kids, the staff for being flexible and committed to give the campers a great camp experience, all the volunteers that dedicated their time and energy into making the field trips possible for our kids this summer, and to our donors for their generous donations to help make summer camp an amazing experience for the youth we serve!

By Crystal Arrington, Assistant Camp Director

What does Tanner’s Mom have to say about Camp?

Tanner first got started with Camp Woodchuck when he was 10 or 11. He started the summer of his 7th grade year.  This year, Tanner graduated from Camp Woodchuck, taking so many memories and experiences with him into his adult life.

Tanner loves the program, enjoys the interaction with the staff and other kids. He has grown a lot since starting. He is extremely social and loves the staff, and the staff definitely love him, too!

The last three summers we have had camp at home and he really enjoys the one-on-one interaction with the great ladies who come and spend time with him. He definitely keeps them busy and entertained.

They have all learned his likes and dislikes, and they all made sure that he had JAM time every day. If they did not like the Beatles before, I am sure they are singing them in their heads by now.  They have taken him around town and done Zumba with him, visited McConnell Air Force Base, Exploration Place and many splash pads.

Over the last year Tanner also had the opportunity to participate in some special things for Rainbows. His picture was featured in Rainbows’ 50th birthday party campaign, and he put his hand print on the Keeper On Parade statue that is on display Kids’ Point.

We will truly miss everyone that has been a HUGE part of our lives for the last 11+ years. For our family, Rainbows has been a blessing in our lives and in his. We are so grateful for all the people that helped with Tanner and all the friends he has made!


Gina, Robert and Tanner