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I absolutely love the kids. They changed my life.

How Rainbows changed Zech’s life

On July 27, 2014 Family Support Staff member Zechariah Haile celebrated a full year of working at Rainbows United. Prior to working at Rainbows, Zech was working an entry level job in the restaurant industry. Although he was making what he considered decent money, the job gave him no fulfillment. When a friend noticed his unhappiness they suggested he apply at Rainbows. Due to his heart for serving people and previous experience with individuals with special needs it seemed to be a perfect fit. Rainbows’ commitment to children and their families was exactly what Zech had been looking for.

“The longer you are at Rainbows, the more you bond with the kids. The more you bond with the kids, the more you learn about the kids. The more you learn about the kids, the more responsibility you feel to train and teach others about the kids,” Zech said.

“In that sense the longer you are here the more responsibility you take upon yourself to ensure the care is above and beyond for your client who is your friend.” Zech recalls his first day at Rainbows as interesting and educational. He received a lot of hand-on practice which was both a nerving and exciting experience. “I was blessed to have phenomenal coworkers who were and are extremely knowledgeable and uplifting,” Zech said. “They guided me through the first couple weeks.”

Haile will be going away to college this year and is saddened that he will not be able to work in the same capacity as before. “I have continued working at Rainbows because I absolutely love the kids,” Zech said. “Regardless of their personal needs or situation they are more often than not joyful and fun to be around. I love coming to work and seeing such happy individuals and going home knowing I made a meaningful difference in someone’s life, even if just for a few hours.” When asked what his favorite part about working at Rainbows, there was no doubt in his mind what his response would be. “The kids!” Zech exclaimed. “The kids are so amazing to be around. I started this job thinking I would help them, and have to an extent, but the far more measurable influence has been the effect they have had on me.” Zech says he has developed lifelong friendships with the kids he cares for and describes working for Rainbows as an amazing, life altering experience. “Rainbows is a phenomenal organization and I have learned and grown so much.” Thank you Zech for making a difference at Rainbows. _E3A1139