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Passionate staff enjoyed making a video.

Making the “Happy” Video

Untitled As a WSU-Americorps VISTA Fellow serving at Rainbows, my first assignment was to create a staff music video to the song “Happy”, by Pharell Williams, for the August Inservice. Although I was nervous being the new kid, I accepted the challenge. The first part of my task was to email the coordinators and give them the instructions of what I would need from each department. The instructions were simple:

1. Three signs for people in your department to hold while the song plays. One sign should be a title sign for your department, at least 11”x17”. The other two signs can include a fun fact or something about your department such as why you like working there, how many kids are served in your department, etc.

2. A good date, time and place for me to film in your department holding the sign and dancing to the song. My schedule is pretty flexible Each department scheduled a day and time with me and before I knew it the video took on a life of its own. Ranging from a Chinese fire drill to a puppet, every group brought a new form of creativity to their segment. The Rainbows staff were so welcoming and fun that filming the video was a piece of cake. The editing, for me, was the challenge. I wanted to keep every bit of film, but that meant the video would be much longer than it should be. This project was a great way for me, as the newbee, to meet my co-workers and get an idea of the organization I now work for. I was able to see how each member of Rainbows is passionate about what they do and obviously have a great time doing it. As you can see by watching the video, Rainbows has a fantastic staff. Click here for the video. Watch, enjoy, and SHARE.