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Early intervention and specialized services.

World Physical Therapy Day

September 8 is World Physical Therapy Day. Rainbows is privileged to employ nine Physical Therapists and one Certified Physical Therapy Assistant. Physical Therapy is among the many early intervention and specialized services offered through Rainbows.

Infant/Toddler Services Physical Therapists provide services in homes, childcare centers, onsite at Rainbows, and any other facility that is convenient for the child and family. Therapists evaluate and provide direct one-on-one therapies to children with delays in gross motor development. They help caregivers learn how to teach their children basic functions such as head control, sitting, crawling, and walking. Physical Therapists also evaluate and treat muscle shortness.

To further assist families, Rainbows’ Physical Therapists locate resources that provide specialized equipment when needed like braces, wheelchairs, and seating accommodations. They coordinate services with a child’s doctor as well as an orthopedist when necessary. In order for a child to receive physical therapy services through Rainbows, they must first be evaluated and determined eligible for services. To schedule a free screening for

services through Rainbows for a child under three call 316.267.KIDS(5437). DSC_0010