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With your donation, Rainbows can continue to help more than 3,500 local children like Jenna learn to walk, talk and succeed – revealing each child as an original work of art like no other. The piece below was written by Jenna’s mother:

Jenna is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, developmental delays, and epilepsy.  In her first year, one of the assistant teachers used American Sign Language.  Jenna’s speech was very delayed so we’d begun to teach her simple signs like more, milk, and eat.  At that time Jenna’s speech delay was the thing we really struggled with because she couldn’t communicate to me what she needed and how she felt.  One evening I was putting her to bed and she looked at me and with a lot of concentration formed her fingers into the sign for “I Love You.”  It’s a moment I will never forget.  I had no idea she knew the sign and understood its meaning.  I soon realized that the assistant teacher had taught her the sign.  I will always remember that first time she said I Love You. 

When Jenna attended child care and pre-kindergarten at Kids’ Point, we’d been given a walker for Jenna to try, but it would require a lot of work.  More than once a week her physical therapy session.  Her assistant teacher at the time, Stephanie, asked me to bring the walker in to Rainbows so she could work with her.  Everyday she’d encourage and guide Jenna to walk out to the playground.  She had such patience, and would take as much time as Jenna needed to get it done. At PreK graduation Jenna was able to lead her class out to the stage.  Such a proud moment.  

Jenna is now in 2nd grade at OK elementary but she looks forward to spending each summer at Camp Woodchuck.  She continues to learn and grow throughout the summer thanks to the Camp Woodchuck counselors.  Her speech improved greatly between kindergarten and first grade.  Her counselors found fun ways for Jenna to continue to make progress and build on the skills she’d learned at school. 

Jenna is a happy, determined, and social little girl.  She loves her family, looks up to her big sister, Sierra, and adores her Papa.  Her favorite character is Curious George.  She likes to play with baby dolls and Barbies.    

As a family with two working parents I don’t know what we’d do without Rainbows.  I have confidence that Jenna is cared for when she’s at Rainbows and even better that she’s growing and thriving.

– Jill, Jenna’s mom

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