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Early Intervention Gives Hope and Tools

Never Give Up

Born weighing 1 pound, 8 ounces, Theron is a former “23 Weeker” who wasn’t given much hope on making it to his first birthday. He spent 144 days in the NICU and had a total of 5 brain surgeries plus 2 eye surgeries. Theron has hydrocephalus as well as cerebral palsy.

His parents, Raven and Jason were told Theron might never sit, walk, talk, or eat on his own. He has done all of that except walk, and they’re getting him to that point now. “We connected to Rainbows through Children’s Mercy Hospital in March of 2022,” said Raven. “When we first contacted Rainbows, I was scared that they’d give up on Theron, that they’d say the same things all the doctors had said. However, since day one they’ve helped me set goals and shown me the best way to help him.”

Theron receives occupational and physical therapy with Amy Foster, physical therapist. “Miss Amy is amazing and has helped our boy thrive,” said Raven. “He is doing things we didn’t even know were possible. She is a HUGE part of his success.”

“Theron’s smile lights up the room,” said Amy. “He is curious, loves to explore his environment and is always on the move. He makes progress every week. Theron’s parents are dedicated to supporting his learning every day.”

Now Theron is 15 months-old and doing awesome! “Rainbows has given me hope as a mom of a child with special needs,” said Raven. “I’ve been equipped with tools and training from the team in order to set my son up for success. I don’t look at Rainbows’ staff members as another one of Theron’s medical professionals, I look at them as family. They truly want him to succeed as much as I do.”