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You'll never know how far I'll go

Pre-K Graduation 2018

Another year has come and gone!  This year’s graduation was full of fun, laughter, tears, excitement, and even some nervousness.  It was a beautiful evening perfect for being outside and it was enjoyed by all who attended!

Graduation is a happy time as well as a sad time for me. I’ve spent the past year working with and teaching these kiddos as if they were my own! I’m happy and thrilled at graduation to help them celebrate their successes! The sad part is knowing that my time with them is coming to an end as I send them off to Kindergarten.

I can’t believe that this is my fifth class of kiddos that have come to room 6! Each year bring its own uniqueness and this year was no exception! Each child brings their own personality to the room and we bubble over with excitement, learning, and fun times! This class has grown so much this past year that the theme “You’ll Never Know How Far I’ll Go” fits them perfectly.  I know that with the future ahead of them, they will do some amazing things!

So I send them off with my love and desire for them to go as far as they can!

-Annabel Bentley, ECSE Teacher

Although this year was the third graduation ceremony that I’ve been blessed to officiate, it was still a year of firsts. After years of poor weather, it was the first ceremony I’ve participated in that was held outside. Watching our 13 graduates walk across an actual stage was a beautiful sight. It was the first ceremony for both assistant teachers, Abbie Philips and Mackenzie Tilma, who could not have been prouder. Most importantly, it was a first milestone in the education of an amazing group of children.

Ms. Annabel worked her magic as always, and we were treated to two songs by our graduates. I know I didn’t understand every word they sang, but no group has ever sung with more enthusiasm! After all, as the kids reminded me before the ceremony, “After the songs, come the cookies!”

The theme for this years’ Pre-K graduation was “You’ll Never Know, How Far I’ll Go”.  As I think about the truth in that statement, it feels a little bittersweet. I will likely never know how far these brilliant little ones will go. However, I can always be proud of the part that Rainbows United Kids’ Point played in getting them started!

-Michelle Croomes, Program Coordinator