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A beautiful sight!

Rainbows Run Wrap-up 2018

Saturday, May 5th was a beautiful morning – the sun was shining, birds were chirping and a light breeze was in the air. It was a beautiful sight and finally felt like springtime in Kansas. It was the perfect weather for the 7th annual Rainbows Run. The perfect setting for families, neighbors, community members and volunteers to all gather in support of a single cause, supporting children with special needs. 

As participants arrived in their different colored event t-shirts, the rainbow began to form. It was a beautiful sight! Children were playing games, drawing shapes on the sidewalk with chalk and dancing to the beat of the music. Everyone anticipated the sound of the air horn, signaling the start of the 5K and 1-mile walk and the opportunity to join with others to take action on a cause they genuinely care about. Again, it was a beautiful sight!

More than 100 volunteers and 250 people participated in the Rainbows Run, which resulted in a milestone of raising $20,300 net proceeds for children served by Rainbows. It was a beautiful sight!