Evaluation by a Rainbows Professional

How does one measure a masterpiece? Who can determine its potential and purpose? Here at Rainbows, we see every child as a valuable treasure, precious and unique. Our skilled experts are able to perform assessments not to determine your child’s limitations, but to reveal their promise.

Newborn Assessment

Trained early interventionist conducts developmental assessments on newborns to identify how the infant responds to and interacts with his/her new environment in areas of sight, sound, light, touch, breathing, hearing and more.


For children birth to three determine a child’s eligibility for early intervention and special education services resulting in an individualized plan.

Mental Health Screening and Assessment

A qualified Mental Health Specialist will provide a specially selected tool that will look at your child’s behavior: Protective factors that support your child’s positive behavior and risk factors influence your child’s behavior. The specialist can then help you find the right mental health intervention to assist you as to foster healthy social and emotional growth in your child.

Screen for Success

A screening is a thorough way to gather information and evaluate the growth and development of your child. Caregivers will have an opportunity to discuss concerns and screening options. Screening stations generally include: development, hearing, vision, speech/language, health/nutrition and behavior.

Children will be screened by a professional that is knowledgeable in early childhood and overall results will be discussed with a caregiver. Each child will leave with a Kid Kit folder of community resources and basic developmental information as well as the results of the screening.

Parenting education, classroom support, training for early childhood service providers and mental health professionals, family support and consultation with families and early childhood service providers are also available.

A follow up call may be made to ensure that all questions have been answered.

Screen for Success 2023-2024 Schedule

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Terms to Know


The process of documenting, usually in measurable terms, knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs.


A way to get information on the growth and development of young children.

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