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Enhancing the social, emotional and behavioral development of young children.

At Rainbows, we see every child as a masterpiece, a carefully-crafted work of art. And as every artisan knows, the condition of the materials used will dramatically affect the outcome. So it is with social-emotional health, the canvas or foundation for all other learning: as critical to a child’s development as walking, talking or learning to count.

Our mental health professionals help smooth rough edges and mend torn bonds by enhancing the social, emotional and behavioral development of young children to create happy homes and child care classrooms. We offer a variety of mental health services available at Rainbows sites, in the home and in the community. 

Our broad spectrum of services are provided by licensed mental health professionals:

  • Mental health screening and assessment
  • Social and emotional education and support for children and the adults in their life
  • Parenting support
  • Early childhood classroom support
  • Training for early childhood service providers and mental health professionals
  • Consultation with families and early childhood service providers
  • Referral to appropriate mental health clinical interventions in the community

Rainbows partners with community agencies such as COMCARE of Sedgwick County, Kansas Children’s Service League, Child Start and many others to provide a continuum of care ensuring children and families have access to appropriate mental health services they require.

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