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Valentine's Day

Shower the People You Love with Love

By Carol Martin, Finance Dept.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show people how much you care. While some go all out with extravagant gifts, a small homemade token will be meaningful and precious to the recipient. Simple and well-planned parties are a great way to spoil your loved ones.

Volunteer to help your child’s class create and decorate Valentine mailboxes. Pringle’s cans, tissue or cereal boxes make great containers. Just have the kids bring an empty one from home, or save some yourself. Then cover with contact or construction paper. Each student can decorate their own. Bring some examples, like butterflies, alligators or unicorns. If you’re the room mom this year, start the party right with simple and fun butterfly treat bags.  When sweets are not on the list, fill a small goody bag with Valentine-themed stickers, mini erasers and pencils. Amazon and Oriental Trading Company have great prices and fast shipping. Fill a platter with fresh veggies, sliced and cut out with a mini heart-shaped cookie cutter. Place a bowl of Ranch dip in the center of the platter.

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, plan a festive family dinner at home. Announce the evening’s lineup at breakfast with a heart-shaped menu. Since it’s a busy day, consider picking up takeout treats, like a Chick-fil-A platter of mini sandwiches, or a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John’s, Pizza Hut or Papa Murphy’s. Olive Garden has a To-Go special, too. You could make a cake or brownies, or buy one of the Dairy Queen red velvet cake specials. Put a small gift at each place setting, perhaps a small box of chocolates or stuffed animal. The kids can help make a centerpiece after school, like a candy heart tree, pipe cleaner vase, or mason jar luminary.

Host a Galentine’s Brunch on the weekend. Have a fancy drink ready to serve when your girl squad arrives, maybe a peach Bellini or watermelon margarita (don’t forget a non-alcoholic option). Put some fresh flowers on the table and keep the theme simple with basic shades of pink or red and white. String a garland of multi-colored hearts on the wall with twine or fishing line for a selfie feature. Begin the menu with a smoked salmon and avocado crostini, followed by shrimp and grits or a veggie quiche. Lobster or crab eggs Benedict will delight your besties, too. To stick with the basics, make scrambled eggs and serve with a green salad and mixed fresh fruit. Your posse will purr over brownie kabobs for dessert. Don’t forget to spoil them with a goody bag containing nail polish or lipstick in the latest color and one or two handmade truffles (easy to make, but impressive!).

The one day in February that is set aside to celebrate romantic love should be the day we celebrate all kinds of love. Your partner, family, friends and co-workers need to know how much you care. Shower them all with love on Valentine’s Day.

Children at Rainbows, young and old, will be enjoying Valentine parties as part of their Thursday activities. You’ll want to take a look at our Facebook page for photos from these events.