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A Personal Commitment to Rainbows' Children

Charlesetta Berry

Charlesetta Berry joined Rainbows United 22 years ago as a volunteer. After two years, Charlesetta had taken a job somewhere else and was leaving her volunteer position. As Charlesetta was leaving on her last day as a volunteer, a new Mom came into Rainbows looking for help with her child with special needs. Charlesetta remembers the mother was sure her child would never be able to walk or be able to do anything. Charlesetta took that mother’s words as a personal challenge. She walked back into the Rainbows’ office and asked for a job. “That child learned to walk,” said Charlesetta proudly.

Twenty years later, Charlesetta has worked with all ages of Rainbows’ children, infant to 21 years. At this time in her career, Charlesetta works as a Para educator at Kids’ Point in the Infant Room.  She greets the children and their parents every morning at 7 o’clock. Charlesetta said, “Seeing that parents are happy to bring their kids to Rainbows is one of my favorite parts of my job. The children count on me.”

“Charlesetta’s long term loyalty to Rainbows and her many experiences are some of the things that new parents find so impressive,” said Coordinator Michelle Croomes.  “Leaving a newborn can be daunting to families, but they find comfort in knowing Charlesetta is there.”

After twenty years, Charlesetta has enjoyed watching the babies grow and learn, and then having those babies’ brothers and sisters enter her classroom and and watching the entire family grow. “When the babies smile and are happy, it makes my day,” said Charlesetta.

Both Charlesetta’s son and one of her grandsons have special needs. Her son received services from Rainbows when he was young and her grandson currently receives services. When she’s not making babies and parents smile at Rainbows, Charlesetta enjoys spending time with her 9 grandkids. Charlesetta’s favorite pastime is riding horses.  If the weather’s nice, that’s where you’ll find Charlesetta Berry, riding free.