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Let your child's imagination soar with these activities.

Spend family time together

The start of summer reminds me of childhood days spent playing in the backyard, or bike riding, or reading for hours on end. When my daughters were young, we spent summers at the park, library and ice cream parlor. The focus was not filling a day with activities; it was spending time together. Here are some ideas for your family’s summer bucket list:

  1. Run through the sprinklers.
  2. Make a trip to Henry’s Candy factory in Dexter, KS.
  3. Monster movie marathon.
  4. Catch and release fireflies or butterflies.
  5. Star gazing.
  6. Backyard (or park) photo safari.
  7. Flashlight tag.
  8. Make your own movie, music video, or fashion shoot.
  9. Visit a county fair.
  10. Create a backyard treasure hunt (or indoor, if it’s rainy.)
  11. Host a neighborhood toy swap.
  12. Have a “pajamas only” day, with breakfast for dinner.
  13. Paint clay pots and plant a flower/herb garden.
  14. Research a foreign country at the library (or online), and plan an authentic dinner.
  15. Sponsor a kid’s art show.
  16. Write your own book about your summer adventures.
  17. Create a memory jar to draw from this winter.
  18. Use cardboard boxes to make a city, castle, or fort.
  19. Pack a picnic lunch and take a bike ride in the country.
  20. Visit a local nursing home and put on a skit/concert.

My goal is to pare down activities, meetings and commitments this summer, and spend extended time with my family instead. Sit down with your kids this evening over a glass of lemonade, and discuss the things they really want to do, versus stuff to keep them (and you) busy. Allow children time, and their imaginations will soar. Let’s start summer with a step toward simplicity. “A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.”—James Dent This post was written by Carol Martin, Finance Dept.