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Find ways to keep your child engaged throughout the summer.

Summertime activities

What do you think of when the word “summertime” is said?  For children it’s swimming, sleeping in, and being outside.  It’s a time when they don’t have to always follow a schedule, going more with the flow. Summer is a time to relax! For parents summertime can be very stressful.  Most parents continue with their daily responsibilities that include working, and taking care of a house and their family.  On top of day-to-day activities, they have to make sure their children are not left unsupervised and that they don’t get bored a week into their summer vacation! Fortunately, our local communities have many opportunities for children and families to take advantage of in the summer!

  • Libraries typically offer incentive reading programs for middle school age children and younger; story time for children of pre-school age; reading/crafts for elementary school age children; free internet services.
  • City Pools or City Water Parks offer cool fun for all ages!  And while water parks found in city parks are free, many city run pools will offer discounted admission fees to families that meet the free and reduced school lunch guidelines.
  • Communities with recreation departments or YMCA’s offer organized team sports for children at minimal costs.
  • Many churches throughout the county offer programs free to children. These programs may include such activities as vacation bible school; weekly youth groups and/or projects; local mission work; church camps.
  • Theatres often run afternoon matinee’s which are less expensive than an evening movie.

Your community may not have all the activities listed above, but with a little exploration and a couple of phone calls, you may find that there are lots of ways to keep your children engaged and active during the summer months. This post was written by Susan Harsh,  Bright Beginnings Coordinator

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