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Gatekeeper for Bright Beginnings

Stephani Gallion

“I am the gatekeeper for Bright Beginnings,” said Stephani Gallion, Social Worker at Bright Beginnings in Butler County. “When our office receives a referral, I schedule time to visit the family at their home. I complete the intake paperwork and begin gathering information to help evaluate the child’s qualification for our program. If they still need services as they age out of our program, I assist in getting them plugged in to the appropriate service for them.”

“I love helping people. I especially enjoy helping kids,” she said. “I want to see them get the best possible start in life that they can. I love meeting the families and helping them get the right tools to help their children.” Stephani joined the Butler Babes in December 2018. “I have always admired Rainbows and thought I would greatly enjoy working for them. I love the team I work with. We are a family. I am very glad to be here now!”

“Stephani is a great addition to the Butler Babes. She is eager to work and assist the families seeking Rainbows’ services,” said Susan Harsh, Coordinator for Rainbows’ Bright Beginnings Infant/Toddler Services in Butler County. “Stephani is also available and willing to help her team access resources for the families on their caseloads.” 

Stephani has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Film Studies and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Kansas. “I am a cowgirl and a Jayhawk,” she said. “I love to be outside with animals, especially horses. I love to watch sports, especially my Jayhawks. Rock Chalk!”