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Voice of the Employee

Survey Results

We are living and working in an exciting time. Innovation is everywhere. Because of this, we must also evolve from the way we utilize data to the experiences we create with the children and families we serve to how we work together. In April, we asked our employees to reveal what they believed their work experiences could or should be. The survey was bigger than just Rainbows; it compared results for both not-for-profit and for-profit businesses. We received a detailed explanation of the survey results this past summer.

Some of the Key Findings were:                    

  1. What Company Pride do you have? One of the responses received was “I love the mission of the organization, and the dedication of the staff to fulfill our mission.” Another employee responded “I love the support ITS (Infant Toddler Services) provides for families. I believe in our mission to help families.”
  2. What do you love? One of the responses received was “I love my children and families and the opportunity to help them help their children achieve their potential.  The rewards are fantastic!   I love my coworkers.  They are truly best friends and family.  I love being trusted to do a professional job.” “Culture and communication” as well as “positive influence on the community” were also highlighted.
  3. Why do you do the work you do? “Employees at Rainbows do their jobs with more passion than I have seen at any of my other jobs,” and many people indicated their “work is meaningful and the results are satisfying.”
  4. What keeps you up at night?” Responses included “Little pay for a job that plays a large role in the organization,” and “Being a non-profit, we aren’t paid like we would be paid were we in a private setting.”

Rainbows’ services are unique. It is great to know our staff are passionate about the services they provide as well as the the services delivered by their co-workers. Flexibility combined with the impact on children and families are strong motivators for passionate professionals who find satisfaction in their careers at Rainbows.
– Deb Voth, President