Person-first Language = Dignity and Respect

Person-first Language is a form of speaking and writing that puts the person before their disability or diagnosis. It provides the understanding that they are multifaceted and that their diagnosis or disability is just one aspect of them that contributes to their identity. Person-first language, also referred to as people-first language, is about dignity and […]

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week

As we observe Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week (May 3 – 9), I take the time to ponder how fortunate we are that Rainbows’ leadership encourages, and fosters children’s positive mental health by supporting the development and growth of our Mental Health department. Currently, our team holds 7 Mental Health Specialists, 3 Mental Health Assistants, […]

The Walnut River Festival

The Walnut River Festival is an annual event held in El Dorado, Saturday, September 27 it celebrated 23 years. Since the festival is geared toward children, it gives a fun family atmosphere where families from the area come to enjoy the day. The streets are lined with various booths offering crafts or games. The weather […]