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Creating a Nurturing Environment for Remarkable Milestones

Welcome, parents, caregivers, and fellow enthusiasts of tiny triumphs! The first years of a child’s life are a magical journey filled with adorable firsts and remarkable milestones. In this blog post, we’ll embark on an exploration of how we can create a nurturing environment that encourages the blossoming of developmental milestones in infants and toddlers. […]

Q&A with Kayla Cary, Infant/Toddler Services

Infant/Toddler Services Overview Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services (ITS) are available for children birth to 3 years old at no cost to families.  Kayla Cary, Sedgwick County ITS Coordinator answers questions about the program and how to connect for services. How many children are served in Sedgwick County ITS? We are currently serving1046 children birth to 3 […]

Your questions answered

Concerns about your young child’s development can be daunting. Free developmental screenings are available twice a month through Screen for Success for children birth to age 5. Watch this video and learn more: What is a screening? Who should sign up for a screening? What is Screen for Success? When and where are screenings held? […]