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Amie Ozbun

Direct Support Professional

Rainbows’ Direct Support Professional (DSP) and Team Leader Amie Ozbun has worked at Goddard School District for more than 18 years as an educator in the special education field. Sixteen years ago, Amie’s oldest child received services from Rainbows. “We had a therapist come out once a month from birth to three years of age, so we knew the impact Rainbows can have on a family,” said Amie.

Amie started working at Rainbows in the summer of 2022 and is now a Team Leader at Camp Woodchuck. A normal workday for Amie begins with checking kids into the classroom with their DSP buddies. “There are different activities scheduled every 30 minutes, lunch for the kiddos while giving my staff lunch breaks, setting time for my lunch, and then more activities,” said Amie. “The afternoons are filled with activities and a snack and then we get the kids ready to go home.” At the end of the day, Amie helps check out the Campers, clean up and tidy the room, complete a lunch count, and make sure the room is stocked and ready for the next day.

Amie’s favorite part of working at Rainbows is hanging out with the kids. “Seeing them laughing, playing, and hanging out with everyone and there be no judgement has been a highlight working at Rainbows,” she said. “One of my favorite memories happened on a field trip to Club Rodeo. One of the kids wore us out with all the dancing.” Amie said her experiences and all that she has learned working with the youth at Camp Woodchuck have helped her grow in her work with her students during the school year.

Amie is married to a racecar driver. She loves cars. “I grew up drag racing and working on motors with my Dad and Mom,” said Amie. “I met my husband at the drag races, and I work weekends at Mid America Dragway in Ark City.” Amie and her husband Tim are currently putting their drag car back together after four years. He has been racing dirt track at 81 Speedway for the last three years with his friend who recently passed away from cancer.

Amie and Tim met when she was a junior in high school and have been married for 18 1/2 years. They are the proud parents of three girls ages 16, 15, and almost 13. Their oldest daughter plays mixed abilities basketball and bowling and plays the violin in her high school orchestra. Their middle daughter is the football manager for her high school teams and does javelin for track. She also sings in Bella Voice at her high school. Their youngest is a cheerleader for her middle school and plays the flute and piccolo in her middle school band. Amie and her family are very busy, but make time for camping, boating, and doing crafts together.

Written by Megan Bailey, Volunteer Writer

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