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Ruth Almaraz

Direct Support Professional

Direct Support Professional (DSP) Ruth Almaraz has always enjoyed working with children. Ruth has been working at Rainbows since Summer of 2021. “My biggest achievement that I have had at Rainbows is building relationships with the kids and their families,” said Ruth. “The children and their potential have always inspired me.” Ruth has several certifications that she received from nanny school in Oregon, along with online early education classes through a Community College in Omaha, Nebraska where she is from.

Ruth has worked as a nanny and caregiver in childcare centers. Her nephew has Autism, and while attending nanny school in Oregon, Ruth was a live-in nanny for a boy with Autism, who had some violent behaviors at times. Prior to working at Rainbows, she had worked with kids who have special needs. “My favorite part of my job as a DSP is having fun with the kids at Rainbows and seeing them grow,” Ruth reported. Ruth also said she enjoys watching the kids celebrate the many accomplishments that they have reached. When Ruth applied for the position and received a response from Tiffany Graff, the Family Support Services Coordinator and Camp Director, she was very happy. “Joining Rainbows was an exciting time for me.”

In her free time, Ruth enjoys reading, creative writing, hiking, and exploring new places when she travels. She enjoys traveling anywhere and everywhere around the world. Ruth plans a variety of trips, rather if it is flying or driving. “I went to Florida last December for a cruise to Puerto Rico and to the Dominican Republic,” said Ruth. “Last December, I half drove, half flew to Mérida, Mexico with my husband, stepdaughter, and mom.”

In December of 2021, Ruth and her husband flew to Savannah, Georgia for a week. Last summer, she went to San Diego and TJ Baja, California, Disneyland, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “This summer, we have a road trip planned to New York State and Boston, Massachusetts, with a few stops along the way,” says Ruth. “I absolutely love taking in God’s wonderful creations and I’m always looking for my next destination!”

Ruth grew up with her mom, sister, and grandparents. “We have always been pretty tightly knit,” says Ruth. “I moved to Kansas in August of 2021 and married a couple of years ago. I also have two step kids, Seth, and Alyssa.” Ruth’s mom moved in with the rest of the family in 2024, because of declining health and age.

Written by Megan Bailey, volunteer writer

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