Amy Foster

Physical Therapist

Mother of two small children who are 1 and 2 ½ years old, Amy Foster, enjoys working with children both at home and at work. Amy has been working at Rainbows United for almost 13 years. “I’ve always loved children and so I decided that Rainbows would be a good fit for me to be able to continue working with them and hopefully making their lives better,” Amy said.

Amy holds both a state license and a Master’s degree obtained from the University of Kansas. She is currently a physical therapist and works with Infant/Toddler Services. She regularly coordinates services and helps children with their motor skills.

Amy has achieved multiple accomplishments over the last 13 years. “Some of the most gratifying things are when I can work with families and teach their children to walk. That independence for the child is priceless.” Rainbows United has similarly impacted Amy’s life. “It makes me really grateful for good health and healthy children when we see some of the challenges our families undergo.”

One of the most lasting memories for Amy took place at preschool graduation several years ago. “One little girl wanted to walk across the stage at graduation and we eventually were able to get her to do just that. She was a little shy during the ceremony itself, but afterwards was able to walk across the stage again.”

Amy’s dedication to children has been evident both in terms of her own family and the Rainbows community as well.

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