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Brooke Graddy

Speech Language Pathologist

“My greatest achievement at Rainbows is the relationships I have built with the children and their families,” said Brooke Graddy, Speech/Language Pathologist for Rainbows’ Sedgwick County Infant/Toddler Services program.  “One of my greatest moments at Rainbows happened after a child I’d been working with turned three.  His parents said, ‘You really helped us teach our child to talk, and for that we are grateful.’  While I love helping children, to give a parent the sense of accomplishment is even sweeter.”

“When I was in graduate school, one of my favorite professors called our favorite parts in life our ‘Golden moments’,” said Brooke. “I have always loved that phrase. My favorite “golden moments” are when a parent gets their child to say or do something for the first time. The look on their faces gets stored in my memory and heart forever. To see a parent feel that empowered is just the thing I need to keep doing what I do.”

Brooke has a Master’s Degree in Speech/Language Pathology from the University of Tulsa.  “When my husband and I were engaged, and I decided to make the big move from Oklahoma, Rainbows was hiring,” said Brooke.  “Anyone I talked to said it was a great place to work and I would get the chance to make a difference with not only children, but their families too. I couldn’t resist the opportunity and I am so glad that I did.”

“Brooke is a cheerleader for her families and her team members,” said Alexia Foster, Coordinator for Sedgwick County Infant/Toddler Services.  “Whenever given the chance, she brags about the amazing things happening with the families she serves.  She is the first one to offer encouragement or help when a team member needs it.  Her calm, self-assured demeanor puts worried parents at ease.  And if you ask Brooke, she serves the cutest kids in all of Rainbows!”

“Prior to COVD-19, I would travel into homes to help 4-7 families per day,” said Brooke. “We learn to talk through books, outside exploring, and playing with the child’s favorite toys. I love that we could do visits where the family wanted to be that day.  When a family has plans for outside the home, it’s fun. I’ve had visits at the zoo, Exploration Place, and at the park. I get to help children and families expand their language beyond the four walls of their home.”

“Now my work takes me to each home through video conferencing,” said Brooke. “It really puts our model into practice and I think has made me a better “coach”. Brooke is the proud mama of a sassy and sweet two-year-old who sometimes helps her mom during the tele-therapy sessions. “I think the families like to see her and see that, like them, I am learning the parenting thing as I go. It makes me more relatable.”

In her spare time, Brooke loves running, reading, and anything involving the Oklahoma Sooners. “OU football is my favorite and in the fall I can be found wearing crimson and celebrating game day every Saturday,” she said.

Brooke’s favorite place to be is anywhere with her family. “I will admit that being a speech/language pathologist is a dream, but being a wife to my husband Cole and mama to Baker have been my greatest adventure and gift,” she said.

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