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Diane Porter

Occupational Therapy Assistant

At a young age, Diane Porter began to work with children through babysitting and working in her church nursery. During high school she taught Spanish to 3rd grade students and enjoyed their excitement in learning from her. These experiences led Diane to pursuing and receiving an Associate of Arts degree and complete her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

“I couldn’t do my job without the supervision of wonderful Registered Occupational Therapists,” Diane said.

After college she worked in the Garden City Public School System as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA). “I really loved it and was able to work with children of all ages and disabilities” Diane said. After moving to Wichita, Diane worked in a Nursing home which she realized was not the best fit for her. She applied to Rainbows and 22 years later loves her job as a COTA. She is currently working on licensure from Wichita State University in Early Childhood unified teacher.

“I go to work every day and love it,” Diane said. “I have worked with some of the most talented and educated team members.”

Rainbows has taught Diane to be appreciative of what she has and how important team members are as well as not judging others. “I am impacted everyday by the families and children I work with,” Diane said.

Although Diane has many favorite memories of serving at Rainbows, there is one that stands out to her. After a home visit with siblings, she received a text from the parent that indicated the older child found the note she left and said her name. “I don’t have many children who can say my name,” Diane said. “It was a special moment for me.”

Diane’s hobbies include watching her children’s various activities including sports, music and school events. She also enjoys gardening and yard work, reading, traveling, and chasing her dog who likes to escape out of their invisible fence.

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